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Visit us in Volcano at Hale Ho'ola Spa!

The next time you can get-away to Volcano National Park, consider treating yourself to an authentic lomilomi session! The Spa is located a few short miles from the Park, just across from Volcano Village. We use the best, natural and local products available, such as 'OLA skin butters and cremes.  The staff, including me, are trained in a variety of lomilomi massage styles from an array of Hawaiian elders and mentors, if you trace the lineage. Many of us were blessed to have been trained with older generations of na Kumu (teachers; source educators) who have passed on the traditional concepts, methods, protocols, and techniques to us. They embedded into our knowledge a deep reverence for pule (prayer), forgiveness (kala), kuleana (responsibility) and above all the "Aloha Spirit".  Added to the 60 or 90-minute lomi sessions are options like hot stones, body exfoliations, hair/scalp treatments, skin la'au lapa'au infusions, foot soaks, and more! Please inquire when
 Welcome to my Blog for 2023!  Here I will share with you some ideas and insights, from Hawaiian lomilomi to Sports Massage and everything in between. I have been Hawaii-licensed since 1977, and teaching since 1982. My career started in Kona where I had a massage clinic and co-founded the Kona Ironman World Championship post-event massage team. As Director of the team, my apprentices learned all about massage, anatomy, injury care, and foot reflexology. Then i passed the baton to Judi and Robert Calvert, founders of Massage Magazine. In the 1990s, the next Directors were Lynn and Peter Wind, and the team grew to become the largest sports massage team in the world for over three decades! We gals went to the Taupo Ironman in New Zealand in 2016 (see photo): Nancy Kahalewai, Judi Calvert, Lynn Wind (left to right).  !